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Google Cloud

Google Cloud

An innovative and reliable cloud provider with a suite of powerful services including tools for large-scale data processing and machine learning.

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Google Cloud

Amazon Web Services

The most mature and widely adopted cloud platform with a broad range of services and a large and diverse customer base.

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Google Cloud

Microsoft Azure

Trusted cloud provider with a wide array of tools including deep compatibility and integration options with Microsoft’s existing products.

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Service that exceeds expectations

We understand that every business is unique and has its own set of requirements. That is why we offer personalized cloud services that are designed to meet the specific needs of your company.

Cloud Migration

We can help you move your company’s applications, data and infrastructure to the cloud to take advantage of many benefits offered by cloud computing. This process is done in three main phases.

Preparation phase

During the preparation phase we help you define the purpose for migration, assess your applications and environment and estimate the costs of the migration. In this phase we also identify the right cloud provider and select the deployment model.

Planning phase

In this phase a detailed project plan is created, including timelines, resource allocation and contingency plans. This includes the identification of stakeholders and applications that will be migrated, migration method and risk management plan.

Migration phase

The migration phase involves the execution of the migration plan, preparation of the cloud environment and moving the applications to the cloud. It includes configuration and testing of applications and ensuring the migration process was successful.

Cloud Optimization

We can help you optimize your cloud infrastructure and services to ensure that the cloud environment is cost-efficient, running at peak performance and aligned with business objectives.

Cost optimization

Aiming to minimize the overall cost of running your cloud services while maintaining high performance and reducing cloud waste. This service includes optimization of resource utilization, auto-scaling, usage monitoring and storage and network optimizations among other related services.

Performance optimization

Focusing on maximizing performance of cloud resources while identifying and addressing any bottlenecks and inefficiencies. Our services include optimizing resource allocation, load balancing, caching utilization, scalability improvements and database optimization.

Security optimization

Enhancing the security of your cloud-based systems and applications while measuring identity and access management metrics, data encryption and network security. It includes vulnerability scanning, threat detection and services such as incident response and disaster recovery.

Cloud Maintenance

Our aim with cloud maintenance service is to maximize update and performance while minimizing risk and cost. This is achieved by regular monitoring and managing cloud components and resolving problems as they arise.

Infrastructure maintenance

Our experts assume the responsibility for maintaining components of cloud infrastructure including servers, storage and network. This involves hardware health monitoring, identifying and resolving problems, and handling the configuration.

Applications maintenance

We help businesses with maintaining deployed applications ensuring they are running efficiently, managing regular updates and patches, and monitoring their performance to identify any issues.

Security maintenance

We are involved in monitoring the cloud environment for security risks and implement necessary security measures to mitigate them. This includes regular software updates, network monitoring and management of authentication systems.

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